It starts with integrity. You have to lead from a baseline of truth and good intention. Be clear and consistent to your team – I am here for you, not against you.

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Find the system that works for you, then work that system like your life depends on it. Planning, lists and journaling are all keys to being successful and effective

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I think this is the magic missing ingredient. You have to have grace for your team. You have to have grace for yourself. Grace does not mean the absence of accountability.

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I encourage and influence people through love and story.

Leadership is not all puppy dogs and unicorns. But it’s not all budgets and schedules, either. It’s about seeing potential, fostering teamwork and doing whatever it takes to help your team win.

What’s different about my approach is I intentionally let love lead. I’d like to show you more about how to do that, and maybe – we can make a difference in the world. Maybe work doesn’t have to be something you have to do, but something you get to do.

Teams are made up of individuals. Each individual is a composition of stories. So are you! You must understand your story and the stories of others before you can join them together. Our stories change each other. They join in different places. It’s beautiful and messy and the most rewarding puzzle in the world.

I’m passionate about taking good notes and then going back and sitting with them. Notes will help you compose a story that makes sense, a vision the team can buy into, and show you what you’ve learned and where you still need to grow. Coffee powers it all.


Next Steps…

Do you want to know more about how to let love lead and take good notes? I’d love to help you, wherever you are in your journey to do good work.

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