Good notes are like money

I recently read on a blog, “Words do not exist on their own, but rather as symbols and expressions of the things which are.” So basically, good notes are like money. Dollar bills are only good because they represent gold. See where I’m going with this? If I can turn in a George Washington and get a tiny chunk of gold, then I can turn in my notes and get a lifetime of experiences. This is the only way I can imagine of tangibly measuring personal growth and development.

My advice for life: Take good notes

Notes are not only what will help you pass the test, but help you truly comprehend what is going on. Notes will also help you compose a story that makes sense.

For me, notes have more power if I go back and sit with them. For some people, learning takes place just with the action of writing something down. But I believe the power to change you lives in review. Watching the game film back. Pastor Mark Batterson talks about “altars” in our lives – markers of a moment – that we can go back to and see where we have come from. We need goal posts so we know what we are working towards, but we need yard lines too, to keep track of our progress.

So, what are you looking for when you review this stenography of our every day lives? Look for themes in people. Look for conflict. Learn about their values. Speak support and encouragement into their lives.

Sometimes we are the last ones to realize we are “called” to something. I think of my experience in being named a News Director. People said it was “well deserved,” and that was nice but interesting for me to hear. I had to process it. I liked that my friends and colleagues noticed all of my hard work. But for me, stepping up into leadership on that level felt more like taking on a burden rather than accepting some sort of award.

I am Mama Bird. I’ve been Mama Bird since the very early days of my career in TV news.

There is bravery happening all around us. We just have to keep our eyes open so we can see it – in others, and surprise – in ourselves. People who live these stories out loud, who look back at them to make them even better, they are the lead characters.

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