The One Thing You Need to do to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year, friends! I wanted to share something I learned this past year with you – because I think I’ve finally cracked the code on how to keep a New Year’s resolution.

And like most light bulb moments, the solution is actually quite simple.

Resolve to do something you want to do.

Not something you think you should do, wish you wanted to do, or something you see or think other people are doing or – even moreso- something you think other people think you should do.

In December 2016, Michael got me this flower arrangement the day we found out our final IVF attempt would not result in an actual baby for us. As flowers do, they eventually died. The vase that came with this arrangement was so beautiful, and it had meaning for us – so when we were having our 2017 goal-planning day last January 1st, we made a resolution:

To keep fresh flowers in the house at all times. 

And y’all know what? We did it! (For the most part.) The changing arrangements and flowers gave us fresh joy each week. They filled our home with beauty, symbols of new life. Redemption.

It got me to thinking – what made this particular resolution stick? It’s simple. This was something we wanted. So, it was fun. We looked forward to the new flowers each week. We weren’t obligated or guilted into it.

So – my 2018 resolution? Regular pedicures.

Cheers to you as you resolve to do your thing. Whatever it is.

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