Time marches on & leadership lessons from English class

In the words of the great Truvy Jones, of Steel Magnolias: “Time marches on, and sooner or later you realize it is marchin’ across your face.”

January was like 74 days long, and February was but a vapor. And here we are, three days into March. I sit here, kind of frozen, judging myself for what I didn’t do in February. Those “to do” list checkboxes that remain unchecked, I must now carry over. There is nothing I self-judge more harshly than carried over “to-dos.” Tiny empty boxes full of shame.

I may meander a little today, because the reason I’m here is mostly to get some of this stuff that’s piling up in my head and in various notebooks – out.

I’ll start with some thoughts on calling. Annie F. Downs says in 100 Days to Brave, on Day 34: “Jobs will come and go. Calling won’t.”

And that got me to thinking – I really need to come up with a thesis statement for my life. So, naturally, I began with a list.
I am:

  • a leader
  • a wife
  • a caregiver
  • a storyteller
  • a journalist
  • a writer
  • an inspiration
  • an encourager
  • an influencer
  • a hard worker
  • a lover
  • a helper

I have a story. I live a story. I help people see story in their lives. So, to boil it down: I encourage and influence people through love and story. I do this:

  • in my marriage and family
  • in my work as a journalist and as a leader
  • in my writing/social media presence
  • in my friendships

One Calling. Multiple Expressions.

I think what’s different about the way I lead is that I lead through love. And it’s tailored to individuals. I believe each individual is a composition of stories. Remember writing compositions? There had to be a beginning, a middle, and an end. So, I think it’s important to realize we are a composition, and so are each of the people we are leading.

Next, we must understand comprehension. You have to understand your story and the stories of others before you can join them together. Our stories change each other. Our stories join each other at different places.

Other words from English class that matter in leadership: character and conflict. I’ll have to come back to these thoughts.


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